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Real-Life Mutant Girl Causes Things around Her to Catch on Fire

Been making A yet unnamed 11-year-old girl from Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam headlines in Asia, for his alleged uncontrollable power to set things on fire around him.

According to Vietnamese Ngoisao website, on May 12, a young woman living in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh was burned down nearly the entire third floor of his family home. His father told the child does not have access to any fire-inducing factors, and that the fire was caused by excess energy in his body. How many times have we heard that one before, right? But while that may sound like exaggerations of a parent seeking media attention, it is apparently not the first time that Vietnamese girl has caused things should burst into flames just by going near them.

Parents say the unnamed baby girl they noticed his exceptional abilities about a month ago, when electrical network their home underwent repeated short-circuiting. After power outlets around the house burst into flames when their daughter came near them, and on one occasion he even burned a corner of the toilet seat. What is more intriguing is they claim repeated in exactly the same phenomenon took the girls in other places, as well. For example, during a vacation in Vung Tau beach, he was burned hotel room. The 11-year-old said the Vietnamese media on the occasion, even his clothes catch on fire for no apparent reason.

After the incident that occurred on May 12, the family baby girl rerouted around the electrical network's house, moved all the furniture and electrical appliances as far away from their daughter as possible, and I got separate keys for all family members so they can all escape the house, should something like this happen again. They keep guard over their daughter 24/7 and sleep in the bucket full of water and wet towel next to it to extinguish potential fires. They also took the women to be tested by scientists at Hong Bang International University, Ho Chi Minh.

Du Quang Chau , an expert in radiesthesia ( the ability to detect " radiation " within the human body ) conducted a series of tests on the children and found strange in the right hemisphere of his brain . Realize that this is an unprecedented case both in Vietnam and in the world , he created a panel of scientists to conduct studies in young women and its environmental surroundings . This unique phenomenon attracted scientists from different fields , including physics , medicine , psychology , sociology and culture . Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung , Director of the Hong Bang University , he showed RFI ( Radio Frequency Interference ) test a strange " halo " in the right hemisphere the baby girl who may be the cause of his extraordinary powers .

The girl was medically examined at Cho Ray Hospital and the Children 's Hospital No 2 , but the doctors did not find anything abnormal .

The unique name of the girl and her parents have not been made ​​public , but the pictures of their damaged homes have been published in the media .
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