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Amazing Catch in Congo River : 5ft long 100lbs Giant Piranha

You probably all know the famous fisherman from Animal Planet's River Monsters, Jeremy Wade. While he was on a fishing expedition with his crew in Africa, up the Congo River, the British angler made ​​an amazing and rarely catch: he grappled with a giant piranha and managed to defeat the monster after a serious fight.

The results are impressive as the 52-year-old fisherman pulled out of water a 5ft long goliath tigerfish and held it with both arms for fear of being bitten by its 32 razor-sharp teeth with the same size of a white sharks. The goliath tigerfish is known as one of the most dangerous freshwater fish in the world, so Wade said he was very careful when he got it out of the water.

The £ 100 monster has not been caught more than a few times before because of its cruelty and its habitat, which is very hard to reach. The giant piranha seem to consume the same size manila itself and there have been cases when others have seen it tearing apart crocodiles or even people.

Catch Jeremy Wade, the "giant piranha", easy to be on top when we talk about the most terrifying creatures of the world.
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