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Is this the world's thinnest building? Shanghai house where residents cannot even fit a chair by the window

This house in Shanghai, China could possibly be the world's thinnest buildings.

Located in Ningbo Road in the densely populated Chinese city, the home appears to be nothing more than a brick wall, extending down the road.

The house is part of a triangular shaped block, at which point it becomes so thin that residents can not fit a chair in front of their windows.

Some solved this problem by extending their windows covered porch to fit their lives in their homes.

Some bloggers have pointed out the resemblance of the famous building scaffolding building in Manhattan New York.

The scaffold Building was originally called the Fuller Building but received its moniker due to its unique shape like a clothing iron.

Located on Fifth Avenue, the building became a Manhattan landmark and a popular tourist spot. This value is estimated at $ 190million.

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