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Guy Spends a Year Tracking Down Woman He Met Last New year’s Eve after She Tells Him “Find Me”

25 - year -old New Zealander , McKee Reese , who started a social media campaign that fired the imagination of thousands of romantics internet . His plea for help in finding the whereabouts of his soul - mate went viral within hours . In fact , he had to remove the campaign because it all started to spiral out of control .

I was not too sure what to make of Reese - sweet romantic dude , or crazy internet stalker . Maybe I'll let you be the judge of that . Here is his story :

In his original campaign , Reese said that he met a young woman on New Year's Eve , 2012, in Hong Kong . He spotted her crying alone on the side of a road , he is lost and can not find her friends . " I just cheered her up , " says Reese . " I kind of have this undeniably bad sense of humor that no one can resist laughing . " The two spent the night partying , dancing and talking , before the girls caught up with his friends again . As they parted , he told Reese that his name was ' Katie ' and he from DC . She let him take a picture of her , and the rest of the final words : . " Look at Me "

The next morning , as Reese Katie looked at the picture on her phone , a flood of great memories came back to him and he is determined to find her . Unfortunately, he could not remember the e - mail address he'd given her , so she decided to turn to Facebook for help .

" I was hurt a long time ago , " read his campaign . " The hopeless romantic in me is locked away when he got hurt because it was too much . For too long , it has affected my relationships , and I failed the people , " he wrote . But now , his search for Katie is about " finding me , finding myself and who I know I can be too . Hope to find her . And along the way , I find myself . "

" The chances are billions to one , but I like the odds . This is me putting all my chips on the table due to go hard or go home and I'm not going to give in. " The words , apparently , is enough to touch the hearts of thousands of netizens , who began frantically searching for ' Katie from DC ' . They tracked down the real Katie is not any time at all , and bombarded her with a ton of messages . It all got so out of hand that Katie had cut its social profile .

To make matters worse , the worldwide manhunt Reese 's received widespread media attention . Although he refused to make an appearance on TV , his story was covered extensively . He admits that he did not realize his campaign could attract so much attention , and say things quickly spiraled out of control .

" We saw the girls , " said Reese . " He's from DC , he was not there at the moment, but he sorta took down all of his public profile for a bit . " The general impression is that Katie is not too happy about being found . MailOnline but have different stories to tell . They tracked down 20 - year -old Katie , to get a statement from him . According to their reports , he is very much single and is actually " waiting for him to contact . "

Katie , a student of Georgetown University , Virginia , is currently spending her junior year in the south of France . " I have not made up my mind about whether I like him or not , " he said . " I'm still waiting for him to contact . "

" I do not have a boyfriend . Yet I do not want to say anything until I 've spoken Reese . And he has not been in contact . " A date with her is not entirely out of the question , according her .

Reese , it seems , has decided to let all the media attention freeze before he was nearly Katie . That , I must say , is a smart move .

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