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Ukraine’s Newest Real-Life Doll

It’s official, Ukraine is the land of real-life Barbie dolls. After the now-famous Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina, it’s now time for another Ukrainian real-life doll to take center stage – meet 20-year-old Alina Kovaleskaya.

Hailing from Odessa , in the same city as mentioned above internet star , Alina Kovaleskaya has managed to attract a decent online following after uploading a series of photos of herself in doll form . That means laying multiple layers of makeup , especially around the eyes , to make it look abnormally large and posing as an inanimate toy . It is now a well-known recipe used all seven ( yes , seven ) Barbie dolls in Odessa people all using the same tricks , hold photo- shoots in the same location throughout the city and sometimes even appear on the images of each other. Although accused of being another clone of the internationally - famous Valeria Lukyanova , Alina , however , claimed to be different from all the other Barbie imitators . He says he resembles the famous doll naturally , her large eyes , small nose and small plump her lips . And yet it's obvious he uses tons of makeup to enhance her features , like every other person we've ever doll features , from the Vanilla KotaKoti Chamu . While no self-respecting wannabe Barbie would never admit it , there are some who accuse him of also using image manipulation software such as Photoshop .


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