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Topless Lamborghini

Famous for fast and mean - looking for his car , Lamborghini has announced its most expensive supercar . The limited edition Lamborghini Roadster Veneno Veneno both unveiled in March this year at the Geneva Motor Show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company . The only difference is that this model does not have any roof .

The price ? A staggering $ 5.3 million . That is around 335 Ford Fiestas .

Convertibles generally cost more but Veneno Roadster is not a convertible . Lamborghini says the top will be permanently open to offer a great driving experience . So do not expect any kind of roof over your head , even if it rains .

Lamborghini plans to make only nine such vehicles maximum , making it slightly less exclusive than the original with a total run of three . The Veneno Roadster is almost the same as the brave top version specs . It will share the same 740 bhp ( 750PS ) 6.5 - liter V12 engine connected to a rapid manual gearbox . But Veneno roadster 's unique lies in its outlandish design and the $ 5.3 million price tag .

Aside from its design , why is it all wheel drive roadster Veneno so expensive is its liberal use of carbon fiber to keep the weight of this large - sized supercar down a sensible 3,285 pounds or 1,490 kg . The Roadster can zip from 0 to 60 mph or 96 km / hr in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 220 mph ( 355 km / h ) .

The Veneno Roadster is named after a famous Spanish fighting bull , in the same animal as Lamborghini 's trademark logo . The name was chosen to emphasize the car's power , strength and stamina . All of which are shown on the price tag makes it the most expensive Lamborghini can buy .



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