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Female Teacher, 33, Struck off for Having Sex with Pupil, 16, After Seducing him with Raunchy Facebook Selfies

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A teacher has been struck off for having sex with a 16 - year -old boy after seducing him with pictures of himself in various poses on Facebook .

Mother - of - two Clare Horton , 33 , who posted a series of self - portrait known as ' selfies ' , before becoming a sexual relationship with his students .

She showed him pictures of herself in a lacy top and a black dress with a plunging neckline as she was changing for her GCSEs .

The teacher designs claimed he was just looking for ' hand of friendship ' from the teenager as he went through a painful divorce and do not have sex .

But he was found guilty of bad habits and banned from teaching for two years .

Mrs. Horton , who became head of year 11 at the time , sent messages teenagers on Facebook while he was on leave studying for her GCSE exams .

A disciplinary hearing was told he met a schoolboy for a revision of time ' coming ' before driving him back to his home in Newport , South Wales .

The boy , known as the A student , later told police he has had sex with the teacher but did not want to press charges because of his ' strict religious beliefs ' .

Mrs. Horton has worked at Fitzalan High School in Leckwith , Cardiff , for ten years .

A Professional Conduct Committee of the General Teaching Council for Wales heard that 'a number ' of studies have messaged him on Facebook .

He agreed to meet pupil A and led him to his home , where the couple is said to have had an afternoon sex session before he dropped her off at her home and went to pick up her two child .

Rumours quickly spread to the school . After taking two weeks ' sick leave , Mrs. Horton said the head teacher Catherine Bradshaw that he had ' slept ' the boy and handed in his notice .

The head referred the matter to social services and the police but decided the Crown Prosecution Service to take further action .

Mrs. Bradshaw said Mrs. Horton is well respected and his actions were 'out of character ' .

In a statement issued to the disciplinary hearing in Cardiff , Mrs Horton said he had committed " the ultimate sin " , but denied that sex had taken place . He claimed to chat just said the boy before falling asleep on the sofa for a few hours . ' I'm in an incredibly emotional status and sex is the last thing on my mind , ' said the teacher . ' All I took from school A hand of friendship .

" Given what's going on at home , teaching was my only lifeline . To be told I was anything other than ugly , fat , useless and worthless is a safety blanket that I foolishly used .

' He was very kind and listened . I was just talking about what 's going on with my ex - wife . He made ​​me feel better.

' He slept in my house and so did I. I slept next to him . We did not have sex . '

The teacher , who broke down in tears while giving evidence , added : " Within days of the event , I felt I had committed the ultimate sin . I was in such a bad place mentally .

" The feeling of shame and regret is something that I'll be able to get rid of . ' The added that he " deserved to be punished ' .

Martin Jones , who presented evidence at the hearing , said Mrs. Horton 's behavior is clearly amounted to a significant violation of professional boundaries between his students and A ' .

Panel chairman arguments Helene Mansfield said the teacher was ' unconvincing ' . He has shown " a lack of awareness of its responsibility and abused a position of trust ' .

The panel chairman acknowledged that the teenager was a former student at the time of the incident , " even by a few days ' .

The disciplinary hearing ruled that Mrs. Horton was engaged in an inappropriate and sexual relationships with students amounted to bad habits .

He was given an indefinite restriction order and said he'd have to wait two years before reapplying to teach .


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