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Cruel Truths of the Angora Fur Trade

Factory horror: An angora rabbit is tied up and its skin stretched as it is being cut with an electric shear

The horrific reality of angora fur industry has revealed the shocking images from a Chinese manufacturer .

The rabbits were tied up and stretch out before workers rip out the hair by hand , leaving the rabbits lies in their Pagensayo the drubbing .

In a video recorded by PETA in China , where 90 percent of the world angora fur is harvested , the animals can be heard screaming in pain .

The animals were kept for 2-5 years , using their fur being yanked out every 2-3 months , according to PETA Asia .

When the hair is plucked , the animals are thrown into very Pagensayo the discipline to recover .

Once a rabbit has outlived its purpose , it is killed and the skin .

" PETA UK are appealing to consumers this holiday season " , says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi .

" Please take time to read the label on that sweater or scarf . If it says " angora " leave the item on the rack . '

Rabbits also suffer with assorted cut or sheared fur : During the process of the cut , their front and back legs are tightly tethered and the sharp cutting tool can not wound them as they struggle to desperately to escape .

PETA reports that merchants keep the animals alone in barren wire Pagensayo the stroke that damaged their sensitive feet .

They were denied solid wood , bedding and the vital inclusion of other rabbits .

In China , there are no penalties for animal abuse in the rabbit farm and no standards to regulate the treatment of animals .

Pain and suffering: The terror in the animal's eyes is unmistakeable as a worker with a Chinese angora trader stretches it out and yanks out its fur
Animal cruelty: The angora rabbits are alive throughout the plucking and are kept for several years, plucked every few months, before their throats are slit
Torture: The Chinese fur traders use the plucking technique as it results in better quality fur and more money
Shocking truth: The animals are constantly injured from throughout the plucking as they struggle to break free
Left to recover: After the rabbit had had all its fur yanked out it is thrown into a cage to regrow its fur in complete solitude
Monopoly on cruelty: An estimated 90 per cent of the world's angora fur is sourced from China 
No hope: This young bunny is in the process of regrowing its fur while recovering from an eye infection in a naked steel cage
Locked up: The cages injure the rabbit's feet and the insanitary conditions see many of them, such as this one, suffer infections and illness


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