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Japanese restaurant invents a mask to hide women’s faces as they scoff

For a country that prides itself on having impeccable custom table, gorging on a juicy burger may prove more than a little confusing when it comes to maintaining your decorum.

So much so, in fact, found that one Japanese fast food chain sales are flagging because women are avoiding cultural faux pas showing their open mouths in public.

In Japan, it is considered attractive to have what is known as 'Ochobo' - a small and medium-mouth - while doing the opposite is frowned upon as an outrageously ugly.

Now being new burger will produce simple solutions to free women from the 'spell Ochobo' - and sales have gone through the roof.

The Liberation wrap a paper 'napkins' to hold the burger and covering the mouth with a picture of a polite smile as you take a bite.

By Dentsu East Japan, the company hired to produce the Liberation wrap: 'Their (being new Burger) largest and best-tasting Classic Burger was among at least choose their female customers.


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