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10 Facts About Smiling

10:23 AM
10 Facts About Smiling
1. Smiling fights stress. If you're feeling burnt out and tired of the routine, just smile. When you smile, your body releases endorphins (aka “Happy Hormones”), even if it’s a fake smile, this sudden mood change will relieve stress.

2. Smiling makes you look really pretty. Who needs makeup when you have this secret ingredient to instant glam? A research study by Orbit Complete revealed that 69% of people find women who smile more attractive than women who wear a lot of makeup.

3. You’re first facial expression ever: A smile. All newborn babies smile, it’s a reflex action; something you don’t learn. Scientists believe that we’re all born with the ability to smile, since blind newborns can smile without picking that up from their surroundings.

4. Think of it as exercise. 53 muscles are used when you smile. Other smiles can take up to 5 muscles. So start working those muscles more often!

5. According to research, there are 19 different types of smiles expressing different emotions. From polite, social smiles to heart-felt smiles, with this little expression we can express ourselves in 19 different ways.

6. There are people who study laughter and its effect on the body that are known as “gelotologists”.

7. Smiling is medicine. Due to its stress-relieving properties, smiling can help strengthen your immune system and prevent colds.

8. Smile; it’s contagious. Yes, that’s not just a saying but rather a fact. Based on a Swedish study, people had difficulties frowning when observing other people who smiled.

9. Smile your way up the career ladder. Employers tend to promote people who smile more often than people who don’t at the workplace; for smiling shows confidence.

10. Smiling can reduce your blood pressure, so when you’re having a bad day at work just smile it off. Researchers have monitored blood pressures of different subjects after smiling continuously for a minute and noticed a decrease in BP in those whole smiled than those who didn’t.


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