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➨Farting is the act of passing intestinal gases through anus. These can sometimes be odorless and sometimes deathly.
But do you know why you pass gas? Do you know why your farts are sometimes as loud as a blow horn or as quite as a mouse? 

➨Flatulence is the production of a mixture of air and gases in the digestive tract that are by-products of the digestion process.

➨The average person will fart 14x a day and produce half a liter of fart gas per day.

➨Farts can come blazing out of your ass at 7mph

➨Farts are flammable

➨98.6 degrees F are at the time of creation.

➨You cannot suffocate in a chamber full of your own fart.

➨Most of farts come from swallowed or largely nitrogen and CO2 and are relatively odorless. The bubbles from these farts are large and can produce large sounds.

➨Bacterial fermentation and digestion process can produce various pungent gases in other farts. The bubbles from these farts tend to be small and smelly and do not produce sound. SILENT BUT DEADLY!

➨H2S Hydrogen sulfide is the compound in farts that make them stink.

➨The nerve ending in your rectal area help distinguish the difference between farts and poop, but sometimes these nerves can get confused when your poop is more fluid than usual and results in things such as MUD BUTT AND SHARTING!

➨A person can still fart after death.

➨Beans do, in fact make you fart more. The human body cannot digest certain polysaccharides.. As these carbohydrate structures reach the lower intestine, bacteria feed on them, producing a lot of flatus.


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