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Alaska had a ghost ship for nearly 40 years!

Alaska had a ghost ship for nearly 40 years!
The Baychimo was a trading ship built in Sweden and owned by the Hudson's Bay Company.
In October 1931, the ship was trapped in ice, and the crew abandoned it for a couple of days to take shelter.

When they came back, the ship had gotten free from the ice, only to get trapped in ice again in a few days. The company had to send an aircrew to rescue mo
st of the ship's crew. 15 people stayed back to get the ship back whenever it got freed from the ice.

They waited in a wooden shelter they built some distance from the ship. Not a month later, a powerful blizzard struck the area, and there was no sign of the ship anywhere. They thought the ship had sunk.

However, they heard reports that the ship had been seen some miles away, but they couldn't find it. The ship was sighted many times over the next 38 years. Some people even boarded it but weren't able to salvage it because they didn't have enough people or the equipment necessary.


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