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9-Month-Baby Charged with Attempted Murder in Pakistan

10:28 AM

9 - month -old Mohammed Musa was probably the youngest person in the world to be charged with attempted murder . In one of the most absurd cases in recent times, the children , along with his family , is accused of attacking government officials . The baby was fully presented to the court , and take them - instead of dropping the charges , the judge ended giving him bail .

The incident in question occurred in February , when Musa family home in Karachi was raided by a group of police officers and officials of energy . The family of 30 was accused of not paying their bills , which they responded violently - by allegedly threatening the officers and attacks them with stones and sticks floors up they were forced to run for their lives .

Sub - inspector Mohammed Kashif , who was in charge of the crime scene , later wrote a First Incident Report ( FIR ) , calling it a case of attempted murder . He apparently believes that the family is responsible . So he chose not to leave any of them out of the report , not even the baby . Following the report , the boy and his family were arrested .

When the baby Musa before a judge last Friday , she sat on her father's lap , sucking on his bottle . Anyone could have guessed that babies are innocent, but the judge chose to give him bail . Could not even sign his own documents Musa bail - she began to cry as his grandfather dipped his finger in a bottle of ink and put it into bonds .

" Everyone in the court is saying , ' How can such a small child has been implicated in any case ? ' What kind of police we need ? " Asked 50 - year -old Mohammed Yasin , the baby's grandfather . The case hearing is now deferred until April 12, when the child is expected to make another appearance in court .

Inspector Kashif has since been suspended from duty for negligence while filing the case . According to Deputy Inspector General of Police ( dig ) Rana Abdul Jabbar , a probe is arranged on the incident . " A nine months old could never commit such a crime , " he said . " This incident took place due to sheer misunderstanding on the part of the police and was not done on purpose . "

Apparently , the inspector lodged a complaint against all the men in the family - Yasin , his two sons Irfan and Imran , and their son as well . Unfortunately , Inspector Kashif did not realize that Imran had only one son , a baby . He wrote in the report that the accused was caught on him, beat him up and gave him a head injury . How a 9 - month -old can be managed all the predictions of anyone .

Yasin claimed that the police had fabricated all the charges because they wanted to eventually evict the family and their neighbors in the area . The first step is to illicitly disrupt their line of gas cooking . " The police and gas company officials came without any notice and began removing gas meters from our house , " he said .

" Residents started protest and blocked the road but ended the fight when senior police officers came to the spot and assured them that no injustice is done . Yet later, we found out that the case was filed against us . " According to Mohammed Ahmed , Musa 's father , registered fake police cases against a total of 25 people from the area .

Irfan Chaudhry Sadiq , family lawyer , said that the court should be dropped all charges against the child . " It should be simple court referred the case to the minor high court to drop the charges against innocent children and absolve him from the case , " he said . " This case exposes the incompetence of our police force and the way they are running . "

In Pakistan , the minimum age of criminal responsibility has increased in recent years from 7 years to 12 years , except in cases related to terrorism . But the judge chose to ignore the law , claiming that the case was not under his jurisdiction .


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