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Vietnamese Man Still Sleeps with His Dead Wife

Le Van , the man who made ​​the head two years ago after it was discovered he was sleeping with his dead wife for five years , has confirmed he is still sleeping with his beloved , and authorities can not make anything to stop him .
The story about Le Van strange sleeping habit broke out at the end of 2009 . Vietnamese papers posted pictures of a man sleeping with a man -shaped gypsum statue containing the body of her dead husband . We covered the story and you can read about it here , but long story short , the person can not cope with the loss of his soul mate so he dug up her lips , put them inside the statue and continue sharing a bed with him . It is one of the strangest news of 2009 , but I am sure that once word got out , local authorities will somehow convince Le Van to bury the remains of his beloved wife . I was wrong .

Reporters Nguoi Lao Dong from newspaper house recently visited Le Van Quang Nam , and was surprised to find the enormous gypsum statue containing the remains of her husband still in their beds . The 57 - year -old man said he Sleeps with his wife dead to train back to its previous incarnation . " I am not a man in my previous incarnation . Sins I committed in my previous incarnation, so I should be a man in the incarnation . At incarnation I have to train myself to go back to previous incarnation, " that does not make much sense to me , nor allowing her little boy to share a house with her ​​mother seeds encased in gypsum .

Apparently , the local government urged Le Van to bury the bones of her husband after media reported his story in 2009 , but he just refused and they have no power to compel him . He clearly was not paying more attention to the part " until death do us part " of their wedding ceremony .


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