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TRON-Like Reflective Supercars Are the Newest Thing in China

10:36 AM

Looks like the Chinese are not happy with their plain old boring supercars. So they decided to cover them with the latest fashions accessories - Tron-like reflective trimmings. Some websites reported sightings of such cars on the streets of China, despite numerous warnings by the police.

According to Zeng Chaoyi, a decorator car, the trend is very popular among young drivers due to its futuristic and modern appeal. Decor is believed to be made ​​of 3M reflective vinyl tape. The accent is applied all over the car, including the tires.

One of the cars spotted casing Sport Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is a 4. There was also a Nissan GT-R, covered with gold and yellow lines providing. It is found in one of the streets of Shenzhen city in Guangdong Province. Owners seem suitable part of the casing of the GT-R to make it more impressive, covering even the bonnet vents. Similar sightings reported from Chongqing city as well.

Unfortunately, the Chinese police force is not too happy about the car decor trends. They declared it illegal because it can confuse or distract other drivers and pedestrians. Traffic police said Luo Kesheng: "It is strictly forbidden as it brings danger on the road."

He might be right, but I do not know how much they can do about it unless they also patrol the streets in supercars, just like Dubai police force works.
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