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Cat Breeders Discover New Breed of Felines That Look Like Werewolves

Breeders based in Tennessee made ​​a new breed of cat with a touch of the supernatural. The 'Lykoi' has the appearance of a werewolf, but apparently behaves more like a dog. Due to a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat, Lykoi has no hair around its eyes, nose, ears and muzzle, giving it a look werewolfish. 

The name 'Lykoi' loosely translates as 'hungry cat' in Greece. It features patchy hair the rest of the body and a 'hound dog personality'. According to the official website for the race, "they'd hunt around the house for whatever they can find. Present them beware of strangers but warm up quickly and be very friendly."

"There is no human intervention to create the cat," said breeder Johnny swallowed. "Gene is a natural mutation that appeared in the domestic cat population. We are only using the genetics of natural processes." 

It all started when the three foundation breeders - gobble, his wife Brittney and Patti Thomas - Located in the first two kittens. Overwhelm then used cats from two groups of kittens to give birth to first Lykoi kitten. 

When the researchers that a new breed was created, they made ​​the kittens are perfectly healthy before breeding them. Several tests were conducted to rule out genetic diseases. Dermatologist at the University of Tennessee tested them for skin abnormalities, given the unique coat of Lykoi.

That's when they discovered that some of the hair follicles cats " do not have all the parts needed to create the hair . Although the follicles that were unable to produce hair does not have the right balance needed to maintain it . So Lykoi can go completely bald over a period of time . Although the analogy is magnificent , DNA tests confirmed that the cat is not the Sphinx , the famous breed of hairless cat .

A cardiologist perform cardiac scanning to ensure no structural heart problems . " In the end , " said the breeders , " we see that the cat is healthy , and the color pattern is not from any known disease or illness . It has been determined that it is in fact a very natural mutation , and started our breeding program . September 14, 2011 , we welcomed the first kitten from a Lykoi Lykoi Cat Cat breeding . he was named ' Daciana ' and to date he is the only known Lykoi second generation . "

The Lykoi kittens are now hot property, with only seven registered breeders in the world. There are about 14 existing litters of kittens that are not from the original litter. According to consume, breeders currently flooded with requests for Lykoi. He himself gets asked about the race about 10 times a day. 

"We are doing our best to keep track of breeding cats to ensure that the Lykoi cat will be a new generation that has wonderful health, good personality, and the Lykoi (werecat) look," he said. I saw some videos of kittens and I do not know, I'm not a great fan of it. They are kind of creepy. Want to get one?


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