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Meet Flint The Pomeranian the adorable ball of fur who loves to pose for the camera in silly ways!

11:08 AM

Flint's Pomeranian, 6, is no ordinary little dog. Photographer Robin Yu Oregon started taking snapshots of spunky dog and made ​​him a big name!

Flint is a viral sensation. She models, she acts, and she has a website. According to his site he may even amongst writing her own book.

'I love being a model! Not to mention, the pay is pretty good too. Each time the camera is out, so do all the delicious treat! When I'm not modeling, I keep myself pretty busy.

I have lifeguard stations all around the house and if anyone needed my help, such as removing residual or wanting to use their hands by rubbing my tummy, I always make sure that I can use, "reads a statement on its website

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