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Monster From the Deep: Extremely Rare Fish

A very strange looking fish recently snagged the frigid Artic waters off northern Canada and confused after some speculation about what even to say, the researchers identified it as the super rare long-nosed Chimaera.

The spooky, deep sea fish has a long nose, mouth menacing, and a poisonous spine in gray gelatinous surface of the body and is captured near the northernmost province of Nunavut in the Davis Straight.

The researchers, who at first believed the strange fish is the same scary goblin shark, say the long-nosed Chimaera likely makes its home in the depths not often visited by humans.

"Potentially, if we fish deeper, perhaps between 1,000 and 2,000 meters (3,000 to 6,000 feet), we find that there are actually quite a lot of them there," University of Windsor tagapagpananaliksik Nigel Hussey told CBC. 'We just do not know.'

Hussey, who has been credited with finally identifying the fish, saying the mystery comes from the rarity of the strange creatures.

'Only one of the fish had previously been documented from the Hudson Strait, "said Hussey.


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