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Man Selling Testicle For $35,000

To save a few bucks , a Las Vegas man is willing to lose something very important - one of his testicles .

Mark Parisi is a self -proclaimed tightwad so cheap that he was ready to have one removed to earn $ 35,000 his nuts .

" What you do is you go and donate to one of your testicles , they replace it with one artificial and when checking out after 14 days you will get a check for $ 35,000 , " said Parisi in an episode of the TLC series " Extreme tightwads " airing November 6th.

When he is not selling his balls , Parisi works as a marketer for an upscale coffee shop and bakery . He said participating in clinical trials helps him avoid spending his full - time salary .

There are other advantages to being a human Guinea pig : He can get free checkups , which could save him around $ 700.

Parisi estimated he saved more than $ 150,000 in the past two years through involvement in other medical studies , including a study Ebola virus that paid $ 5,000 a week , reported the Province Journal .

Amazingly , the removal of the eggs is not the nuttiest test Parisi wanted to do .

That dubious honor goes to " flatline " study . In this , the volunteers agreed to have their hearts stopped .

" Stop them in your heart for a minute , but you can still breathe , " said Parisi , according to the Las Vegas Review - Journal .

The 14 - day study was paid him $ 25,000, but , sadly for his bank account , the Food and Drug Administration nixed the study .


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