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The best acne cover-up ever?

A teenage girl suffering from severe cystic acne has revealed the clever make-up tricks she uses to conceal the pockmarks and pimples scarring her face.

Toronto-based Elaine Mokk, 18, who is of Chinese descent, bravely appears in a YouTube video with her blotchy complexion on show - before a mix of beauty products leave her looking barely recognizable.

She says she uploaded the clip, which has to date attracted over six million views, in a bid to help others deal with the painful and debilitating skin disease.

'I really do want to share my story with everyone because I know acne affects a lot of us and I'm not alone.

'When I'm talking to someone I can see their eyes traveling on my face and then it just makes me feel really sad and I really want to cry sometimes. It makes me so insecure.

'I would love to not put on make-up - but I can't.'

First of all Ms Mokk shows how she applies a thin layer of serum all over her face.

She then applies a BB cream, which in addition to hydrating and evening out skin tone, also treats the skin with antioxidants or other anti-aging ingredients. 

'It has great coverage, oil control and feels great on the skin. I do several dots on each area at a time and blend it in with my fingers,' the teenager says.

'I like to go back to spots that I couldn't cover up with one later. We want to even it out as much as possible first.'

She adds that it's important to be careful when applying make-up because being too heavy-handed can irritate the acne.

Next up is concealer. Ms Mokk applies dabs of the liquid to the redder blemishes on her forehead and cheeks using her fingers.

To set the foundation base in place Ms Mokk then applies a matte powder with a brush.

'If you are acne prone you should avoid buffing your face with a brush,' she warns.

A final shot in the two-minute-28-second-long beauty tutorial shows Ms Mokk complete with eye make-up and lipstick - her acne is no longer visible.

Since uploading the clip on April 7, the teenager says her skin has cleared up considerably thanks to a combination of Accutane and the birth control pill.

Before going on to prescription medication she had tried changing her diet and using natural remedies, but nothing had worked. She continues to document her 'acne journey' via YouTube and her blog,


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