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Chinese Knotweed that Looks like a Nude Man

11:00 AM

Chinese knotweed is used in traditional medicine to enhance sexual vitality and judging by the look of this particular specimen, it's pretty effective.

Construction workers clearing a patch of the plant, enjoyed a good chuckle after pulling out a root that resembles a rather well-endowed gentleman in the nude.

The workers were preparing for the building of a new office block in Danyang, eastern China's Province, when they dug out the human-shaped Chinese knotweed also known as fallopia multiflora.

The root of the knotweed, weighing 3.5kg, looks just like a man, with four prominent limbs as well as the other requisite appendage.

He Shou Wu is the prepared tuberous root of Polygonum multiflorum, a plant that grows in the mountains of central and southern China.

It has long been used in China for its rejuvenating and toning properties as it is understood to increase liver and kidney function and to cleanse the blood.

It is also used to treat insomnia, weak bones, constipation and atherosclerosis and can increase blood sugar levels and relieve muscle aches.


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