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The World's Thinnest Watch

12:00 PM
The World's Thinnest Watch
The world's thinnest watch - just 0.8mm thick - has been designed using a single piece of bendy stainless steel.

The CST-01 watch is thinner than a credit card and shows the time on an electronic ink display. This E ink design uses the same technology as the screen on the Kindle e-reader.

It has a 0.5mm flexible electronic component built-in and a Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell battery that can be charged in 10 minutes and has a lifetime of 15 years.

This micro energy cell can be recharged 10,000 times.

This battery's charge then lasts for a month before needing to be recharged.

The CST-01 is powered by an energy-efficient Seiko Epson System on a Chip (SoC).

To make the watch ultra-thin it doesn't have any knobs or buttons.

The CST watch is made by the Chicago-based firm Central Standard Timing, and is the brainchild of Dave Vondle.

He founded Central Standard Timing with colleague Jerry O'Leary. Both are interaction designers and electrical engineers at global design firm IDEO Labs in Illinois and used the labs to thoroughly test the design's flexibility.

Vondle came up for the idea for the CST-01 after taping an E Ink panel around his wrist.

He then said to O'Leary: 'I want to make a watch like this.'

'All aspects of design and engineering were carefully considered for the CST-01’s unique functional and aesthetic benefits, said Vondle.

'The CST-01 is the most minimal expression of a timepiece.

'It’s ‘time’ embedded in a band,' added co-founder and fellow IDEO Labs colleague Jerry O'Leary.

The project was launched via a Kickstarter campaign in February this year after Vondle and O'Leary showed off the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

More than $1 million (£655,000) was raised and the first shipments to Kickstarter backers are expected to be sent in September.

Other customers can pre-order the watch from Central Standard Timing's website and these are expected to be shipped by December.

The CST-01 comes in four models and each one comes in three wrist sizes - small, medium and large.

The black CST-01BL and the white CST-01WH both come with an uncoated stainless steel band and costs £69 ($109).

The CST-01NR has a black front and a black coated stainless steel band and the CST-01RG has a black front and a rose gold coated stainless steel band.

These two models cost £76 ($119).

To charge all models and switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats, customers also need to buy a base station for £22 ($35).

The unit is powered with an included micro-USB cable that can be plugged into any standard USB port.

To plug the station into a wall plug, customers can buy the Universal Wall Adapter for £10 ($15).


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