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10 reasons you should drink beer

Many think that beer is harmful. Well, you should know that the popular beverage is actually synonymous with benefits as long as it is consumed in moderation. To discover the perks enjoyed by beer drinkers, you should read on.

Heart health

You should keep in mind that your heart enjoys beer. Specifically, it has been determined by scientific experts that the alcoholic drink is more than capable of lowering bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, the beverage tends to increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

Bone boosts

It should also be emphasized that drinking beer is a surefire way of strengthening your bones. Indeed, due to the drink's high silicon content, each sip translates into a boost in bone density. In fact, even postmenopausal women could fortify their bones in such a manner.

Digestion pro

While not often mentioned even by those who love both beer and science, the popular beverage actually contains fiber. This means that drinking such a refreshing beverage would allow you to conveniently cleanse your colon and attain a much better bowel movement.

Kidney cleanser

Soon enough after drinking beer, you would have the urge to pee. With this in mind, it becomes clear that alcoholic beverages do have the capability to act as a diuretic and thus cleanse the body of substances that are considered to be kidney-stone builders.

Avoid diabetes

Such an alcoholic drink also has the potential to reduce your chances of developing diabetes. Simply put, beer can effectively lower the blood sugar level of those who drink it. In fact, beer drinkers are 25 percent less likely to develop such a disease than non-drinkers.

Beauty perks

Since beer contains protein, such a refreshing beverage could make your skin and hair look much more appealing. After all, such parts of your body are essentially made up of protein. It should be pointed out though, that certain beers have higher protein content than others.

A wise move

Your favorite party drink has brain-enhancing effects as well. Indeed, for reasons not yet completely understood, consuming alcohol protects the brain from aging-related degradation. Of course, this means that individuals who drink beer are able to think much more quickly than non-drinkers.

A vitamin mix

Many assume that beer would never be able to satisfy those who continuously scrutinize drinks based on nutritional content. Well, if you are among such people, then you would be pleased to know that the alcoholic beverage contains zinc, potassium, riboflavin, and many other nutrients.

Escaping carbs

While not necessarily free of carbohydrates, beer is not among the most carb-filled beverages on the market. Specifically, a bottle of the common beer merely contains around five grams of carbohydrates, which in turn means that avoiding weight gain while drinking is possible.

Especially iron

Particular kinds of beers contain considerable amounts of iron. Of course, you might question the significance of having such a mineral in your drink. Well, it would be best to emphasize that iron makes oxygen-carrying cells throughout your body function efficiently.

Overall, it is undeniable that drinking beer in moderation is a much healthier course of action than many believe it to be.


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