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Wold's Smallest Baby Survives

12:02 PM
Wold's Smallest Baby Survives
Rumasia Rahman: Born September 4, 2004, Rumasia Rahman is currently the world's smallest premature baby to have survived from birth until hospital discharge.
Rumasia and her fraternal twin sister Hiba were born at 25.6 weeks gestation, just over 15 weeks before their due date.

At birth, Rumasia weighed just 260 grams, or 8.6 ounces. She was 9.8 inches long. Rumasia's twin sister Hiba was more than twice her size, at 1 lb 4 oz and 12 inches long. Rumasia and her twin were delivered early because their mom suffered from severe preeclampsia, which can cause babies to be smaller than average for their gestational age. Although she was very tiny at birth, Rumasia is a normal 7-year-old. She had laser eye surgery for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and wears glasses, is smaller than other kids her age, and has mild motor delays, but shows no other long-term effects from her premature birth.


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