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Tang Jiangshan: the Reincarnated Chinese Man

10:10 AM
Tang Jiangshan: the Reincarnated Chinese Man
There was a boy named Tang Jiangshan. He lived in Gancheng Town of Dongfang City, Hainan Province.
According to Tang Jiangshan's parents and old villagers, when Tang Jiangshan was only three years old (in the year of 1979), one day he suddenly told his parents, "I am not your child. I was called Chen Mingdao in my previous life and my dad in that life was called Sandie.

My home was in Danzhou, where it was close to the sea." The place he mentioned was more than 160 kilometers away from Dongfang
City. The boy also mentioned that he was killed by sword and gun during the Cultural Revolution. What was stranger was that he could speak the Danzhou dialect very fluently. The Danzhou dialect was completely different from the dialect in his hometown in this life of his. There were also some scars made by swords on his waist left from his previous life.

At 6, Tang Jiangshan kept urging his parents to take him to where he lived in his previous life: Huangyu Village, Xinying Town of DanzhouCity. Tang Jiangshan walked straight towards the house of an old man called Chen Zanying. Tang Jiangshan called Chen Zanying "Sandie" in Danzhou dialect. He told Chen that he was Chen's son called Chen Mingdao. After he died, he was reincarnated in Gancheng Town of Dongfang City. He came back for his parents from his previous life. Then he recognized his two older sisters, two younger sisters and other relatives in that village. What was especially interesting is that he could also recognize his girlfriend in his previous life. Even though Tang Jiangshan was only 6 years old, what he talked about from his experiences in the previous life convinced Chen Mingdao's families and relatives that Tang Jiangshan was Chen Mingdao in his previous life. Chen Zanying was so moved on the spot and cried with Tang Jiangshan. Chan believed that Tang Jiangshan was reincarnation of his own son Chen Mingdao.

Since then, Tang Jiangshan has had two families, parents from two
families. Every year, he traveled between Dongfang city and Danzhou. Chen Zanying, his relatives and villagers all regarded Tang Jiangshan as Chen Mingdao. Since Chen Zanying didn't have a son, Tang Jiangshan took care of him as his son until Chen Zhanying died in 1998.

Editors working for the magazine didn't believe Tang Jiangshan's story
in the beginning. But after careful investigation, they eventually
verified the reliability of Tang's experience.


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