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32-year-old Tomasz Paczkowski had taken a week off from his job, and one morning he decided to prove to his wife that he could be a real asset around the house. Before going off to work, she asked him to iron some clothes, and Tomasz was more than happy to oblige.
But, as we men know, ironing can get pretty boring after a while, so the young 
Pole got the “brilliant” idea to multitask. ‘Women are always going on about multi-tasking, so I set up the iron, opened a beer and turned on the TV to watch boxing’ Mr. Paczkowski said. Everything was going great, and he was actually starting to enjoy doing housework, only at one point he got so involved with the boxing that he wasn’t really thinking about what he was doing. That’s when the phone started ringing…

He picked up the receiver, put it to his ear, but all he could hear was the sizzling sound of his face burning. The excruciating pain woke him up, and he realized he had picked up the hot iron instead of the phone. And if that wasn’t bad enough, as he ran to the bathroom to put some cold water on his face, he bashed his left eye against the door, and added even more pain as well as a black eye to the mix. Tomazs told Polish reporters he looked as if he had come out of a boxing game himself. Luckily, doctors say the burns are not that serious, and he’ll make a full recovery. As for Mr. Paczkowski, he swears he will never watch boxing on TV again. There’s your mistake right there, friend, it’s housework you should have stayed away from in the first place, we’re just not cut out for it.


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